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R&C-2016-02 <br /> Niagaraalis February 23, 2016 <br /> REPORT TO: Mayor James M. Diodati <br /> and Members of Municipal Council <br /> City of Niagara Falls, Ontario <br /> SUBMITTED BY: Recreation & Culture <br /> SUBJECT: R&C-2016-02 <br /> Millennium Trail Update <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> That Recreation & Culture staff be authorized to initiate the public engagement process <br /> April 2016, to discuss the . - - - -• - • , • - - <br /> - <br /> Regarding the remaining phases of the Millenium Trail <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> The Millennium Recreation Trail was first established in 2000 with the construction of <br /> Section 1, located between Oakwood Drive and Lundy's Lane. The trail utilizes the <br /> Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Hydro canal corridor which runs north/south through <br /> the City. Two other sections have been built in the last 15 years, the Paisley Janvary- <br /> Pool section runs between Morrison to Thorold Stone Road, 1.4 km in length opened in <br /> 2012. In 2015 the second new section the Niagara Falls Lions Legacy Trail a 1.2 km <br /> was developed. This last section runs from Thorold Stone Road at Stanley and travels <br /> north to Whirlpool Road. <br /> City Council Priorities (20015-18) Infrastructure Sustainability states the goal of <br /> "Developing a plan for the completion of the Millennium Trail". To initiate the process, <br /> staff plans to organize public meetings this spring to discuss phase six proposed route <br /> between Lundy's Lane to Royal Manor/Dorchester Road and the benefits of trail <br /> corridors. <br /> The remaining trail phases, one being phase two south of McLeod Road to Welland <br /> River and the other being phase five between Dorchester to Morrison still need to be <br /> designed and completed. When the trail is completed, a functional active transportation <br /> corridor will link the south end to the north end of the City. The trail acts as a spine of <br /> the off-road multi-purpose trail system connecting the N. S. & T. trail, and the Niagara <br /> Parks Recreational Niagara River trail. <br />